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Who are you?

My name's Mike Clarke and I was born in glorious Toronto, Canada. Big-boned, wide-eyed and full of myself, I plowed through life as if it was piled waist deep.

I used to spend lazy afternoons memorizing sections of the Trival Pursuit card deck. As far as I was concened, 'Science and Nature' was where it was at.

I suspect that this stiff-brained hobby affected me in some strange way. Karen, my wife, says that I'm unemotional. Who knows, maybe she's right. I guess I should've done 'Arts and Entertainment' instead.

What do you do?

I studied to be an archaeologist and anthropologist, I loved it, but right now I'm working as a computer programmer and freelance editor. I love that too.

Where are you?

I spent the tail end of the 90's alternating between Thailand (Chiang Rai), Indonesia (Sulawesi) and Canada (Vancouver). Now, Karen and I are pretty much settled in Tokyo, Japan. We've been here since 1998, and we're just taking it day-by-day.