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ere are some examples of web sites that I have worked on or designed.

PanaSense is one of the many sites owned and run by Matsushita Corporation, the parent group of such companies as National, Panasonic, and Victor.

Japanese-only site.  
Avex is one of the largest music distributors in Japan.

This merchandizing site relies heavily on Flash images. There are also versions of the site available to all major makes of mobile phones.  
I created the NKCP site by by reworking its parent company's old site. The site is frame based, and uses JavaScript. I made many new graphics and content areas.(not yet online)
I used to be Mixpizza's webmaster. The site uses Java, PLSQL, JavaScript, and of course HTML, all on an Oracle 8i server.

Now offline.
The Vibe was meant to be the next generation MixPizza.  I designed this prototype.

Unfortunately, for business reasons, the site was never used. I include it here as an example of my work.